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Stone Washed Quilted Jacket

Stone Washed Quilted Jacket

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This garment is one of a kind. Due to the nature of the artisanal process, each garment is individually dyed and washed. Any coloration or marking is part of its own uniqueness and beauty.

Sleeve Length:
S: 22 in
M: 22.5 in
L: 23 in

Made In: CHINA

Fabric Contents: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester

  • Non-stretch fabric

  • Non-sheer fabric

Size Measurement (inch):

  • SMALL: 23.0 (Bust), - (Waist), - (Hips), 24.0 (Length)

  • LARGE: 24.0 (Bust), - (Waist), - (Hips), 25.0 (Length)

Dimensions (inch):

  • SMALL:

  • LARGE:

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