Smart 360°Rotatable Wood Light

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up to 15h non-stop level to your needs
individually adjust the brightness in low brightness environments
detachable design to carry your 360° light wherever you go
Transform your home atmosphere in moments
The unique, modern lighting solution for your home
The Smart 360° Light illuminates your room comfortably when you turn it on via its touch switch.
Rotatable and Detachable Design
Rotate your 360° light freely to create your preferred look or change its functionality thanks to the 360° degree rotating mechanism.
On top of that, you can even detach your Smart 360° Light and carry it wherever you go and attach it again to any metal surface that is magnetic.
Designed with an eye-protecting dimming function
You can adjust the brightness individually from dim to bright without any pre-selected brightness levels. This provides you with the possibility to protect your eyes while reading at night.
Effortless Installation
Step 1: glue the base to any surface (no extra glue needed)
Step 2: attach the magnetic 360° lamp to its base
Step 3: enjoy and detach whenever needed
Powerful Battery
Spend less time recharging your Smart 360° Light thanks to a powerful battery that lasts up to up to 15h non-stop in the flashlight mode. You won't need any batteries because it can easily be recharged with the included USB cable.

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